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Kush CBD Vape – Blue Dream


With up to 200 puffs in just one disposable vape pen, our Kush CBD Vape Pen is the perfect pen for your busy lifestyle. Made with ingredients you can count on, including the highest grade CBD oil.

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Our 500mg Blue Dream Kush CBD Vape has the flavor of the classic Blue Dream strain but none of the head high. We utilize the natural terpenes from the sweet berry scented strain to create a satisfying and calming CBD experience. Although it smells like the sweet and tart berries of its Blueberry parent, the Blue Dream strain typically tastes sweet, herbaceous and piney. We utilize the flavorful essence of this strain to give our Blue Dream Kush CBD Vape a delicious classic cannabis flavor. With up to 200 puffs in just one disposable vape pen, Kush CBD Vape is made with the highest grade all-American hemp oil and is third-party lab-tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Contains Zero THC. Contains 200mg CBD.

For vaporization use only, do not ingest orally or apply topically. Inhale through the mouthpiece. Repeat as desired.
Caution: This product is for adult use only. Store in a cool dry place.

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Kush CBD

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